MTC Week 1

Hey everyone!

Things are going great here at the MTC! So much has happened just in the past week it’s basically been a blur. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond, I promise I haven’t forgotten about everyone. Turns out our P-day was literally the furthest date away from my entrance date haha. I hope everyone has been doing well! I’ll try my best to remember all of the week’s events.

So my companions are totally awesome. And no, that’s not a typo. I’m in a tri-companionship! Their names are Elder Elder (no, that’s not a typo either haha) and Elder Moore, but I like to call him Elder Más because I’m hilarious. Our companionship is already pretty famous here at the MTC…mostly because of Elder Elder’s name but I like to think it’s because of my fun personality. They both come from inactive/non-member families so their testimonies are super great.

Before I get into the other stuff I need to say real quick that the chocolate milk here is literally the greatest thing I’ve ever tasted. The only problem is that it kinda goes right through your system and can cause some serious problems if you know what I mean. The chocolate milk has really given me a testimony that the natural man (my desire to drink the chocolate milk) is an enemy to God (because of my worldly pleasures I suffer because of it). Literally.

I found out that I’ll be here at the MTC for probably six weeks. Our class is kind of weird because all of our missions are part of the MTC pilot program but we’re all at different levels of Spanish. Not sure how all that works, but yeah. Six weeks. Out in the field right in time for prime baptism season during Christmas! 🙂

Some quick other stuff: my teacher’s name is Hermano See (Hermano Sí!!!!! haha), and my branch president’s name is President Stewart. They’re both so great. Hermano See just got off his mission literally in August and we’re his first solo class. But you can’t even tell. President Stewart is basically a kung-fu master of the gospel, so that should tell you all you need to know about him haha. And I was asked to be the district leader! My companions and I are the only Elders in our class so I kind of have it off easy haha. But our District is made up of 4 other sisters to make 7 in total. They’re all great people and we’ve gotten along really well.

And we’ve already started teaching lessons! Spanish has actually been coming along great for me. We teach about two “investigators” a day and I’ve been able to understand pretty much everything they’re saying. Maybe they’re trying to be nice to me haha but I’ve been progressing really well. At least I think so haha.

One thing that really struck me this week is that on Sunday we watched a video of Elder Bednar’s Christmas visit to the MTC where he shared a message called “Character of Christ”. Go find it on Youtube or something and watch it right now! It seriously changed my life. He talks a lot about missionary work but there’s still an amazing message on how we can become more Christlike.  And I’m not kidding, watch it asap!

Hope everything’s good back home! I look forward to keep hearing from everyone.

Elder Allen


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