MTC week 3

This week went by so fast! It felt like a blur. My last day before I entered the MTC cousin Maeser told me the first few days feel like forever but then the rest goes by like a snap of the finger. Boy was he right. It’s a good thing I write in my journal every day (wink wink) or else I would have no idea what happened lol.

For whatever reason I don’t like to write about the happenings of a specific day but this past Wednesday was way too crazy to overlook. So basically it started off with us waking up 30 minutes late. Make sure that never happens to you future missionaries haha. We basically had 5 minutes to eat breakfast and then run to class to get there on time. In the middle of one of our study times a guy popped his head in and asked us if we wanted to host new missionaries. Of course right? We were on a list of districts that were available to help if needed. And this week was a double week for newbies so they definitely needed us. It was fun and all, but the problem was that no one bothered to tell our teachers lol. Turns out while we were out hosting our teachers showed up to class to find it empty, which obviously freaked them out after they searched for us all throughout the building. We of course had no idea so when we got back (2 hours into our normal class time) where our teacher proceeded to tell us that we had 5 minutes to prepare 2 “TRC” member lessons. We were ecstatic. So essentially we didn’t end up having any time to prepare, but they still went pretty okay. Since they were members they went pretty easy on us. But that was just the beginning! After we had to teach one of our “investigators” named Agustín. I’ll tell you about him and our others later, but essentially he didn’t even let us into the room and we were only 10 minutes into our lesson when he cut us off and told us he had to go. It was super great lol. Then to top it all off during gym time I ran for what felt to me around 3 miles, but when I actually asked someone they told me I had only run for like barely a mile and a half. Woohoo. But luckily that’s been my only overall “bad” day so far. 🙂

I don’t think I’ve talked about our investigators, so here’s a quick run down. We have 3: Agustín, Vic, y Daniel. That Spanish y was totally unintentional by the way. Agustín is from Argentina, is kind of quiet, but we have him on a “baptism date”. It’s a little different since we can’t actually baptize them (mostly because they’re already members) but it’s still good practice. Vic is from Mexico and is a Spanish DJ. He is awesome haha. We actually just invited him to be baptized yesterday! I wish I could express how awesome our lesson was in that moment. There’s a saying going around here that “you could cut the spirit with a butter knife” in that room. But he said he would pray about it so we’ll see. And then Daniel. He’s very very very gringo but he says he’s from Guatemala so whatever floats your boat haha. We’ve only had a few lessons with him but he’s more eager to learn more every visit. He was born a Jehovah’s Witness so it’s kind of a different experience.

Couple of cool messages shared with me this week… One was from Elder Bednar (of course) on how we can recognize the promptings of the spirit. His essential message: don’t worry about it! If it feels good act upon the feeling and then see its affect in your life. See if you can find it, I think it’s called “Recognizing the Spirit” and he gave it at the MTC. Speaking of Elder Bednar, rumor has it he’s speaking at our Thanksgiving devotional! I’m so pumped. Another quickie, the Mormon Message called “The Refiner’s Fire”. Powerful message. It talks about the purpose of the trials our life. A woman in the video has a powerful story.

Now some fun stuff. It’s been snowing on and off the past few days! I think I took pics but we’ll see. Every time I look up at the mountains I feel like I’m in the middle of a scenic getaway. And now all the mountains are snow capped so it’s great. Spanish is coming along great. Before I got here I thought I could speak well enough but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to understand anything. Now it’s pretty much the opposite lol. The gift of tongues is a fickle thing. And I still can’t roll my rr’s worth squat. But what Hermano Página told me to do is every time I take a hot shower is to just practice and practice, essentially “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” the whole time. He said it worked for him so why not right? Haha. And then today I shined my shoes for the first time. Tell Grandpa Bluth that his horsehair brush works wonders. My companions are mad jealous haha. Last exciting event for the week. Basically we got locked out yesterday. Great right? Apparently the story is that while I was in the shower Elder Elder was talking to some elders in the hallway Elder Moore decided he wanted to walk out and close the door like a gentleman. Only problem was no one else was inside and we didn’t have a key. Yay! The two other Elders had to borrow a bunch of clothes from others and ran to get a spare from the front desk while I sat in another room with only my towel on lol. I wouldn’t recommend it.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving! Katy 2nd ward youth: you must win the turkey bowl. Our pride must be restored! I second Elder Short’s suggestion, married vs. non-married? 🙂 Eat lots of food and enjoy the days off. I’ll be sure to report on my Thanksgiving activities! All I know is we have some sort of service activity and then possibly a devotional from Elder Bednar. Did I mention Elder Bednar?


Elder Allen


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