El camino Week 15

Friends and Fam,

Sorry folks, unfortunately we’re running short on time this week but here’s the jist of what happened: Surprise alert: I baptized someone yesterday! His name is Catarino and honestly it came out of nowhere. He was an investigator of the Hermanas in our District and originally a member of the ward was supposed to baptize him but he had an emergency at work and couldn’t make it to the service. So I guess I was the backup plan! Haha. It was a pretty great experience playing the piano in my baptismal whites haha. 

Speaking of piano, playing in sacrament has been pretty bueno. I’ve somehow become quite the sight reading master. I usually don’t get the hymns to be played until like 10 minutes before so most of the time I just #yolo it. Luckily, as I’ve said before, Latinos are pretty much tone-deaf so it works out. Thanks ma for forcing me to do lessons and all that.

I also had a raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadical exchange with the Spanish assistants this week. My good ole buddy Elder Speth came here to my area! We did a ton, and literally spent the whole day just talking with people. Good times. Bike contacting is the best. We would sneak up behind people on our bikes and scare them when we would just start talking to them. You all should try it out sometime, it’s quite refreshing. The leadership training Elder Speth gave to me was off the charts. That man is such a sick missionary. He basically gave me a step-by-step process on how I can better prepare for my district meetings and it was so great. I also went on exchanges with Elder Otto, my other good ole buddy. He’s still as funny as ever. At one point we walked out of an apartment complex to see a minor car wreck across the street. Somehow a little truck had gone over the curb and got stuck between a tree and the wall of brick backyard fence. No injuries or anything, just a dramatic scene with the cops there and all. We had some good times there too.

Other than that nothing much to report. General conference is this week! I’m so pumped haha. My challenge for you all this week would be to take notes as you listen, but don’t just write down sweet quotes or things you like. Really pay attention to the impressions of the Spirit to receive that personal revelation that could pertain to your life at this time. I truly know that those men and women were called of God to lead this church and that the words they will have for us will be a great blessing. Enjoy Conference! Invite your friends to watch too! Don’t eat too much candy/snacks though haha.

Quick note. We had a sweet member dinner this week with a guy that works with run down cars, and in his front yard he had a bunch of claaaaasic cars and some super nice ones to that he’s fixing up. His house kind of reminded me of Grandma and Grandpa Bluth’s too, so that was weird. I’ll put some pics below.

Anyways, sorry but my time’s up. Have a great week everyone! Don’t forget about the new Easter initiative video, share that with your friends too! Supposedly on Easter Sunday the YouTube website is having a “Mormon takeover” where the only advertisements of the home page will be of the #BecauseHeLives website. Pretty cool. The church is true! Have a great week everyone. Spring break is going on around here so lots of opportunities to teach hopefully. Enjoy General Conference and feasting upon the words of modern day prophets. 


Elder Allen


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