El Camino Week 18

Friends and Fam,

I’ve got some good news and some sad news. We’ll start good. Next transfer I will have a new leadership position! To save you from the suspense like last time, I’ll go ahead and spill it: Zone Leader! I was super surprised when I got the call from President. I was expecting to be District Leader for a long time! But with that comes the sad news. I’m outta here. Next transfer I’ll be moving to a new area. 😦 So with that, yesterday was a long day of too many goodbyes. Our legit investigator, Virgilio, was able to get off work to come to church again yesterday! So I got to see him one last time and wish him the best. He’s easily one of my most favorite people I’ve ever taught. He was pretty sad too. But we got a pic so it was all worth it haha. Then later on I got to say bye to literally our member family: the Zelayas. They’re the best. In this area we really struggled with member dinners haha but the Zelayas always had us over 1-2 times a week. The mother is twins with Emerson’s wife and they live in the same apartment complex so we got to stop by and say bye to them too. I’ve written the word bye way too many times in this paragraph haha. That’s the way it is I suppose! On to new adventures. Most def I’ll let you all know about my new area/comp/etc next week.

Despite being the last week of the transfer, it was still a super great week. Lots of good times. Like I’ve said before, Virgilio is as bomb as ever. Sad I won’t be here for his baptism… But we had the coolest lesson ever with him this week! Here’s how it went. To keep it short, basically while he was on his way to the lesson a man approached him and asked if he wanted to go out for drinks and he was all like: “No puedo, tengo que ir con los hermanos! (I can’t, I’ve gotta go with the brothers [aka Elders, that’s what all the Spanish people call us here haha]!)” then left him in the dust. So that was sweet. Then during the lesson we had invited a member of the bishopric that ended us being the perfect member friend for him. In the middle of the lesson they went off on a 15 minute tangent talking about their personal lives back in Mexico or something. But we taught about prophets and the member went hard testifying and it touched Virgilio deeply. Essentially it really motivated him to get Sundays off for work and I guess it worked! He’s getting baptized almost for sure on the 10th of May.

We had a ton of fun this week, mostly because we did a bunch of biking around and picking fruit off fruit trees. We snagged like a good 10 or so mini-limes…good stuff for taco meat #paisano. Here’s a funny story: we were biking along the sidewalk of a street (the one with the sweet jump of course) when all of a sudden a large dog barked quite loudly right next to our ears. It freaked us out pretty good because it came out of nowhere… We stopped for a sec to try to figure out where it came from. Turns out a large German Shepard dog had somehow scaled a 10 foot wall and tried to “intimidate us”. Pretty sure it came from the devil or something. Luckily it couldn’t quite get over because of another chain link fence or I’m sure we’d be toast haha. Hopefully that all made sense. I’ll attach a pic of the dang thing below and maybe just try to use context clues. (Trust me, the wall was way to big for any domestic animal to jump…major hops).

Random side note: we saw waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many nice cars this week. Like it’s ridiculous. California peeps man. I don’t think we go a day without seeing a Porsche 911/Audi R8/basically any luxury car over $200,000. And it’s funny because they drive on streets where the poorest of the poor Latinos live like it’s nothing. Apparently my area isn’t very ghetto here so fingers crossed for next transfer!

Well like I’ve said, I’m kind of sad about leaving. But I know I did all I could to fulfill the things the Lord asked of me! El Camino will always be my baby haha. But it’ll be left in good hands: Elder Stark is a bomb missionary. Plus he’ll be training next transfer…the new missionary will be quite the fortunate individual. This area is sick! It’s grown so much in the time I’ve been here and has potential to grow even more. But I’m excited for this new opportunity I have to serve more missionaries this transfer. I’ll let you know the deets as soon as I can! Have a great week everyone.


Elder Allen


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