Van Nuys Week 2

Just throwing this out here, my new address is 5445 Kester Ave. #104 Van Nuys, CA 91406 (you might have to check the zip code to make sure). I still haven’t gotten the package with the face stuff in it so I’m not sure what happened…… Sorry!

Friends and Fam,


Suuuuuuuuuuch a good week. Seriously. Full of miracles, not just for us but for all the missionaries in the zone as well. Being a zone leader is so fun. Being able to work with so many missionaries gives you a wider perspective on the work and I love it. In the mission, leadership basically means exchanges. And exchanges are the best!! It feels like the Lord blesses us missionaries so much each time we go on exchanges and we see tons of miracles because of it.


Let’s start with our exchange from Tuesday to Wednesday. I left our area to go work with Elder Jensen, the Van Nuys district leader, in his area with his companion came back to take my place. We did work! Their area is almost just as good as ours haha. We talked with tons of people (most of which were homeless) and got a few sweet lessons out of it. This one man, Rob, on the outside looked like a “rough and tough” African-American citizen but once we got talking to him he turned out to be quite the spiritual individual whose faith is the only thing getting him through his trials. He admitted he had made some mistakes, and because of that he isn’t able to see his kids. But he came to a point where he realized he had to make some changes and decided to turn his life over to God! I’m not exactly sure, but he may have been smoking marijuana at the time but he was still super cool. You never know! And that’s why, as missionaries, we’ve been commissioned to talk with everyone: to find people like Rob! We ended up finding a few new investigators for their area later on in the day. And oh yeah, they’re a bike companionship so I got to hit a ton of sweet jumps. 🙂


We also had another exchange, this time with the assistants. Being assistants, they’re already missionary beasts so we had some good times. They’re located a little north in Santa Clarita, so we went on a little #roadtrip to get there. I ended up staying to work with Elder Stern. He just got called as assistant 2 weeks ago so he was a tad nervous but it ended up so good anyways. Spoiler alert, we found a family of 7 to teach and 3 other investigators as well! Elder Stern is a miracle machine. Here’s the story with how we found the family.

1. We show up to an appointment with a previous investigator of theirs.

2. We say an opening prayer, start the lesson.

3. We receive an impression to stop the lesson and ask if there was anyone else in the apartment that he thought would like to listen as well.

4. He goes to the back room and we sit around for a good 5 minutes.

He returns with his wife, sister-in-law, and his 7 grandchildren.

5. We teach them.

Simple as that really! In his small living room we were able to squeeze in about 15 people. Not all of them were older than 8 so we couldn’t count them “number-wise” but holy cow if they all got baptized it would double the size of the branch the assistants attend. And we’re pretty sure even more people live in the house! So exciting. It was a little distracting when during the closing prayer all of the kids started giggling and playing with each other but they’ll learn one day haha. So you can probably tell it was a success of an exchange. Teaching families is the best!


In short, Elder Kimball and I’s area didn’t progress much this past week (lots of cancelled appointments…like too many) but it was still so rewarding to be able to see other missionary’s areas and aid the work in the small ways we can. I’ve personally seen this promise of the Savior come true: “Behold, I will hasten my work in its time” (D&C 88:73). The Lord truly is hastening is work! Missionary effort have never been as successful s they are now despite a constantly changing world. Let us all be “anxiously engaged in a good cause” (D&C 58:27) and do our part to hasten the work even further!


This coming week is looking to be a super great one. Due to some nice miracles later in the week we were able to set lots of appointments this week with people with lots of potential. We also have a couple of training meetings later this week: one with President training us and the other with us training the whole zone! It should be pretty fun. President Hall writes all the missionaries every week and the more I read those emails and in our short spurts of personal interaction in meetings helps me realized how inspired of a man he is. Elder Kimball and I are looking forward to getting together with him and the other zone leaders/sister training leaders. We’re getting ready to sit in the revelation hot seat!


Speaking of revelation, I wanted to add a few more words on the topic. The Spirit is sweet. Personal revelation is sweet. Receiving revelation for your stewardship is sweet. The gospel is just sweet in general. I’ve been focusing a lot lately on making sure to record any sort of impressions/promptings that come to my head in a little notebook I carry around with me. As I’ve done so, I’ve seen that my mind becomes more susceptible to those impressions/promptings and my personal “book of revelation” quickly fills! I’d encourage you all to try the same. Treasuring up that guidance received from the Spirit by recording it opens up our minds to even more guidance as the Lord continually blesses us with it. Pretty cool concept.


Sorry for not much of an update on our investigators, honestly hardly any our progressing. But we’re not fazed in the slightest! I pray that you all feel the same. Love you all, have a great week.


Elder Allen

 Elder Kimball and I made the best paisa dinner without any paisas in the apartment. Word.


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