Van Nuys week 11

Friends and Fam,

I never how to start these emails other than: “this week was sweet” because it always is. Seriously though. It was another week full of exchanges and oh yeah a new mission president. We’ll get to that in a bit. But honestly, no complaints from me about this week! The work is great, and the field is definitely white and ready for the harvest. Oh yeah another thing…it was my birthday.

We’ll get right to the good stuff then. New mission president. President Henrie. We still don’t really know much, but we did have the “meet the mission president” zone conference on Friday. They introduced themselves and their families a little then got right down to the nitty gritty. Like I expected, they focused right away on the importance of obedience, new mission president or not. If it says not to do it in the missionary handbook, don’t do it! Duh. But you’d be surprised how many missionaries can’t quite grasp that haha. Asi es. Elder Kimball and I have missionary leadership council this week so it’ll be exciting to see what kinds of changes are in the works. Apparently there’s a lot haha. So it’s a little more of a waiting game from now on! But we’re still super stoked about it all. It’s honestly just kind of cool haha. We all get a front row seat to witness how the Lord handles transition in the church.

In all of the 3 exchanges we did this week I was outside of the area, so it was nice to come back after a hard day’s work somewhere else to find out that Elder Kimball and his companion-for-the-day tore it up every time. I spent like 10 hours tops actually in my area this week haha. All of our investigators are pretty much the same: those we usually taught, we taught. Those that usually come to church, came to church. Honestly nothing new. But we did find some cool people (apparently, I wasn’t there haha) so that’ll be refreshing to work with some new people.

In case anyone forgot, it was my birthday on Friday (there’s still time for birthday packages in case you were wondering). It was suuuuuuch a good day. Birthday miracle alert! We spent pretty much the whole day talking with people on the sidewalk and knocking doors, trying to find people to teach. Basically everyone was NOT having it. They were all either:

a. not home

b. “too busy” with 4th of July stuff

So it was kind of a long day. It reached a point where we were about to head home but we decided to talk with these 2 young jovenes. They were so rude haha. As we tried talking with them they started laughing in our faces and walked away. Well, me being the competitive person I am did NOT want to end off on that note, so we walked around with the few minutes we had left to try to find one more person. We walk past a driveway, stop on a dime at the same time, and decide to walk up it. We find this older gentleman sitting outside. After a nice little greeting, he suddenly completely opens up about his rough life filled with deaths in the family and personal health struggles. And he said that his faith in God was what helped him through it! We set up a return appointment and will be teaching him soon. Attention all missionaries out there: talk to one more person! Knock one more door! Our Heavenly Father notices and blesses us according to our actions.

There were also a ton of borrachos outside messing with definitely illegal fireworks in the middle of the street. It was kind of a funny sight: they were all sprawled across the ground mesmerized by the all the colors. Good times.

Last Monday we had the coolest lesson ever with a handicapped member of the ward, Perfecto. He’s confined to a wheelchair and can’t communicate verbally: he can only kick his feet out an “x” amount of times for specific responses (yes, no, etc). He’s seriously such an inspiration. He’s the only member in his whole family and he literally can’t take care of himself without the help of his caretaker. We didn’t exactly know what to expect when we entered his care center room, but by the end we were soooo edified. We only shared the story of the Brother of Jared and the stones touched by the finger of the Lord to focus on prayer and faith, but our minds were blown by the end of it. We shared the story and asked at the end: “have you ever received an answer to a prayer from God?” One emphatic “yes” kick later he told us a short story with the help of his caretaker and a special “word card” (not sure what else to call it) he has. Basically he prayed when he was in a group care center that he could get his own place. And he eventually did. He was all smiles the whole time. Love that guy.

That’s just about my week! More exciting times ahead. Don’t tell Elder Kimball this, but this will be his last week in the mission… What the. He’s been a great leader and example to me. Our week is already pretty much shot with a bunch of meetings haha but we’re looking to work super hard this week. Hope everyone has a bomb (BoM) week!

Buen dia,

Elder Allen


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