Van Nuys week 6

Friends and Fam,

Once again I find myself with lots to write but little time to do so. More so this week that most though! Transfers are coming up tomorrow so Elder Kimball and I have been super busy lately. But I’m not going anywhere! Same companion and area. And basically 90% of the zone is staying next transfer so we’re stoked. And this morning we went out with the new missionaries! It was so fun. We both took out a new Elder and had a blast. Basically we trained for a day haha. It was so fun to be talking with someone then whispering: “Ok, now testify of the Book of Mormon” and they just put their heads down and charge right in. So great haha. But here’s what happened this week!

We went on exchanges. Oh yeah. Had some miracles. Found some people to teach. Prayed hard!! I can testify that prayer is the key to successful missionary work. We set a goal for new investigators to be found in the month of March, and after some faith and intense prayers from everyone we only ended up 5 off! We were so proud. I love missionary work!

We’re still struggling a little investigator-wise. We have a ton of people to visit, but no one has yet to take the necessary steps toward baptism and keep their commitments. But we’re working on it. We’ve got a ton of people that say they want to be baptized though. But we’ve got some great stuff in the works and some miracles are on the way! Looking forward to the refreshment of a new transfer.

But sorry we gotta run! Love you all. I’ll try to be better next week haha. Enjoy the pics though!  


Elder Allen


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