Van Nuys week 7

Friends and Fam,

This was easily the craziest week of my mission, yet I find myself sitting here without a clue of what to say haha. Lots of just…stuff happened! We had a crazy Monday with welcoming the new arrivals then catching up with the rest of our preparation day. We had a crazy Tuesday with transfer meeting and a little day-split with some Elders in the district (I’ll get to the changes here in a bit). We had a crazy Wednesday with Mission Leadership Council then helping out some Elders with another day-split over in North Hollywood. We had a crazy Thrusday with weekly planning and planning for Zone Training Meeting the next day. We had a crazy Friday with Zone Training Meeting. We actually had a pretty normal Saturday. But then we had a crazy Sunday with church and a meeting with Obispo with all the new missionaries. Good times right??

Here’s one quick thing I’ll share before getting to the other stuff. During our Mission Leadership Council President Hall gave us a training on the importance of sharing miracles. Interesting topic right? Wish I had my notes, but here was the main message. Sharing miracles builds faith, which leads to more miracles! Even though we’ll never be in control of when the miracles come, we can be in charge of the possibility of them happening. It starts with obedience. Just like the President Uchtdorf quote, God is constantly raining upon us blessings, but sometimes we put up an “umbrella” of disobedience. But then we have to get out and work! Go through the trial of our faith! Talk with everyone! Etc! We’re not likely to find the one golden investigator prepared for baptism if we sit in the apartment all day. We have to put in our effort and then God blesses us with those miracles according to his will. So I thought that was sweet.Then he turned it into the importance of sharing our mission miracles by reading in 1 Nephi 17. At this point Nephi is commanded to build a ship, but his brothers are a little less than willing. But then, starting in verse 23 until basically the end, he softens their hearts by sharing miracles (and shocking them at the end, but that’s another story)! He reminds his brothers of the manifestations of God in the times of Moses, Abraham, etc. Reminding them of those miracles (and shocking them) led to the softening of their hearts again until they were willing to help build the ship. So….let’s share miracles with eachother everyone. It’s important.

Well here are the changes in the Zone: basically everyone stayed! We’re super stoked about that. We only had a total of 4 new missionaries out of 24…now 25 missionaries. We got a new Hermana in Van Nuys to make a trio, and basically a new Elder in each of the Districts. Plus every Elder companionship with exception to ours and one other in Van Nuys is in the process of training! We’re excited to work with all these young missionaries. Plus the surprise of transfer meeting made it all worth it: Elder Otto is back in my zone, and I finally have someone from my MTC district in my same zone (Hermana Berger)!! Essentially all of our missionaries are powerhouses though. We had a excellent first week and we’re pumped for the new transfer.

Basically we were serving the other missionaries with rides and such the whole week so not much time for work sadly. But we finally had some investigators at church! 3 in fact! That was a plus. But other than that no updates…sorry everyone. But it looks like a pretty open week! Other than a mission-wide temple trip tomorrow, we’ll be straight up working! Looking forward to this one for sure. Looking forward to actually having stuff to talk about next week too haha. Have a great week everyone.



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