Van Nuys week 8

Friends and Fam,


Oh man. Such a good week. Honestly it was pretty normal and all, but another week in the mission is another good week. As a mission we were able to attend the temple this week! All of the Spanish missionaries had a session with President and Sister Hall on Tuesday. I seriously love the temple. There’s always such a strong Spirit you can feel there, especially in the Celestial Room. The LA temple is pretty sweet, that’s all I have to say about that haha. Supposedly there’s a tale passed around that back in the old days President Kimball (not my companion, but someone did accidentally call him that this week haha) saw a painting of Christ being baptized in the baptismal room and declared that it was “the most accurate depiction of Christ he’s ever seen,” or something like that. Think about that for a sec…pretty cool huh. But I didn’t even see I so I couldn’t tell you haha. But it truly is the House of the Lord.


Sick investigator alert: we’re teaching someone that has some serious ganas to be baptized! He was living in a different ward’s boundary but he got kicked out of his apartment and is now living with a member in our ward. Roberto is his name. From the beginning he expressed his sincere desire to be baptized, and he comes to church every week! At this point his only obstacle is that he struggles to remember the lessons after we leave, but we’re looking to set a fecha with him soon.


Investigator scare alert: Monica (aka our golden investigator right now) almost dropped us… Gave us a heart attack it did. We calmed her down and got her to at least commit to reading in the Book of Mormon every day to start that conversion process. She’s afraid to commit to anything even though she already knows the Book of Mormon and the Church is true. She also works a lot so it’s a constant struggle to get her to church. But we’re confident she’ll be baptized eventually, it might just take a little longer than we thought.


We also had a sick exchange the other day. I went over to the North Hollywood 4th area and tore it up with Elder Santana. All of our citas until the end fell through, so we talked with everyone! Conversations are turning into my favorite part of missionary work. It’s surprising how willing people are to open up to you if you just ask! We talked to a homeless guy yesterday that was about to give some food to another homeless guy about how his faith in Christ is what helped him “quit whiskey” after his wife passed away in a car accident. He’s starting to get his life back on track, and we invited him to the English ward next Sunday, of which he gladfully accepted. Turns out a lot of his family is Mormon! It’s amazing the stories some people have. But back to the exchange…basically Elder Santana is a beast. Case closed.


We also visited a woman in the ward who had a son recently pass away. Her only remaining son is a less active who’s struggling with his testimony that God actually exists. But in the lesson we had with her, her son, and some other family members was so uplifting! The Spirit was strong as we testified of the Plan of Salvation and the power of the Atonement to help us overcome our personal trials and tribulations. It was a privilege to lift them all up in their time of difficulty. I love the gospel!


As always, it’s looking to be a great week. A busy one, at that. Every day we have planned either an exchange, zone conference (Thursdee), and Church on Sundee. Yes! That’s a good looking stacked week right there. Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer. Until next time.


Andele pues,


Elder Allen


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