Van Nuys week 9

Friends and Fam,

Yep, it definitely turned out to be the stacked week I thought it would be last week. Like holy cow. Wish I had more time to give some deep analysis, but basically all of our exchanges were sooooo good. Miracles on miracles. Went on three of em this week, And man, they was all so good. I stayed in the area for all three so no new sweet pics of things I’ve never seen before. Well, I take that back. An Audi R8 was parked on the street nearby our apartment for a couple days this week. that was pretty aight.

We had Zone Conference on Thursday. En serio, it was the strongest Spirit I’ve felt in forever. It was President and Sister Hall’s second-to-last week in the mission, so they basically went hard with testimony the entire time. The Spirit was so thick you could’ve cut it with a butter knife. President Hall gave us his “Top 10 Things I Want You to Remember” from our missions. Sadly I don’t have my notes with me, but you can take my word for it, they were pretty good haha. The “most emotional moment award” goes to the first musical number in the meeting were a district sang a song derived from “How Firm a Foundation,” then for the last verse all the Spanish missionaries stood up and joined in to sing to President and Sister Hall. Holy moly. It’s one of President’s favorite hymns so they both just started bawling haha. Good times. Love them.

But yeah, so this is President Hall’s last week in the mission! Crazy to think about. Next Monday, President and Sister Henrie will arrive in the same airport that I did, and immediately all the priesthood keys to receive revelation and inspiration for the mission will flow to him. He’s the boss as soon as he gets here! Part of Zone Conference was focused on getting ready for change, because as soon as President Henrie gets here there will almost definitely be some. Everyone’s a little nervous or uncomfortable, but I’m convinced that the Lord is on our side so we’ll be alright. It’s crazy to think about, but I’m excited for the opportunity!

Quick investigator update. We found some crazy sick people this week that are pretty much already down to get baptized. Also, we have an investigator named Roberto who’s doing super good! He has lots of ganas to get baptized, but still struggles to learn and understand the lessons. But it’s kind of a random thing. He’ll understand the doctrine of repentance amazingly well, then forget that Joseph Smith saw God. So it’s a little up and down with him. But we’re shooting for a early to mid July baptism date! He’s so close to being ready. The work is progressing like crazy over here! There’s definitely been some let downs, but there’s always something great that overrides it.I love the mission!

That’s just about all I got this week! I heard the Warriors won the Finals, so that’s pretty cool. Go Cali (But #Kobe4Life). This is going to be a nice and open week, so we’re finally going to get some real work in! So stoked. Love you all. Make it a great week yourselves.

Hasta luego,

Elder Allen


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