Van Nuys Week 15

Friends and Fam,

Bueno bueno bueno. Things are still going good here in the valley! Still enjoying every moment. For whatever reason I feel like there was a lot of accidentally finding pockets of gringos in the middle of Latino-central, but asi es. They still need the gospel too! The more time I spend talking to people in Spanish the more I realize how bad my English conversation skills are getting…like I have no idea how to talk to English people anymore.  But I suppose that’s a good thing? Anyways, here’s the good stuff of our week.

No, Roberto didn’t get baptized. He still wants to! But he needs more time. 2 more weeks and he’ll be good to go. He’s just adjusting to moving places again, but once he gets settled he should be good. He came to church yesterday, so that’s a good sign. Slowly getting there! But the biggest news comes out of another investigator. Couple weeks ago we found this 15 year old boy named Luis. He’s sweet! He already had a Book of Mormon the first time we talked with him. We taught him twice before we came in on Tuesday ready to set a baptismal fecha with him. He’d already expressed his desired to be baptized but we felt the time wasn’t right for a fecha. Well we found out why! We met his family for the first time, and they love us! The mom always offers us food every time we go over. And surprise surprise: Luis’ two older brothers are already members! They live in Utah with their grandma, another member. So cool. So Luis is basically good to go already. Prepared people…so incredible. We’re shooting for the 23rd! Everyone else is pretty much the same as always.

The zone had interviews with President Henrie on Wednesday. We’ve been able to be around him quite a bit recently, and something that amazes me about him and his wife is how…classy they are haha. Not sure how else to describe it. They took us out to dinner that day and after I told him I liked his tie he showed me the brand…imported straight from Scotland of something like that. So cool. Anyways, they’re new and all still but I love them a ton. We got a sweet selfie too with Presidente so I’ll attach that below.

Only bummer of the week is that yesterday, within 5 minutes of each other, 2 baptisms that were to be held in la estaca were cancelled. Such a bummer… The Adversary was working hard yesterday. But at least one is already rescheduled for next week so we’ll be praying! Cool side note: we officially have so many investigators with baptismal fechas we don’t have any room on the whiteboard we keep track of them on. The work is exploding! Thank you so much for your prayers for us.

Love you all, keep the faith! Kids: stay in school, eat your veggies, and listen to you parents.

Agradesco a mi Padre Celestial por darme esta oportunidad de compartir el Evangelio de Jesucristo, las buenas noticas, con todas las personas. Se que esta iglesia es la verdadera de Cristo!

Hasta luego,

Elder Allen

Picture Eating lunch with the New Mission President Henrie!!


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