Van Nuys Week 16

Friends and Fam,

This week was busy. Well, busier than usual. Mission Leadership Council on Wednesday, planning on Thursday, then Zone Training Meeting on Friday pretty much killed a lot of our work time. But it was still a really good week! In the time we had to work we saw tons of miracles, as always.

We found the coolest family this week! And it’s the most intense story ever of how we found them. It went something like this. So we had this referral right. For the most part, Spanish referrals in this mission have had a long history of not exactly being the most accurate because of English-speaking missionaries not being able to communicate very well with “interested” Latinos and therefore writing down wrong information and sending it through the system. This one particular referral lived in Sherman Oaks aka rich-people central aka definitely not a Spanish hotspot. But we went by anyway, not really expecting much. Well those expectations went down even more after finding that the address we had was actually a huge apartment complex, and we didn’t have an apartment number. Bueno. I wasn’t about to just go knocking a whole complex of rude Americans, so we put to use our Eagle Scout skills/ancient Guatemalan tracking techniques. As we walked around the first thing we notieced were a pair of working boots sitting outside a door. Totally paisa. So we knocked it and found the referral first door haha. And it turned out to be a whole family! And they’re all super sick! They have a bunch of relatives in Salvador converting to the Church and they want to find out why. #wecandothat The mom and her two sons came to church and a baptism in the ward yesterday! We’re so stoked to work with them. I’d give it a month tops before they’re baptized.

Recently, President Henrie has been pushing really hard the importance of the Spirit in all aspects of missionary work. There’s a scripture that I feel covers this topic perfectly. D&C 84:85 “Neither take ye thought beforehand what ye shall say;but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man.” Essentially the message is this: treasure up the doctrine of Christ, and in the moment where you need it the Spirit will work through you to give that specific person the part they need to accept the restored gospel. I’ve been trying more than ever to put that into practice, especially since I’m mostly speaking a foreign language. And it’s cool how it works out! I find myself not being so worried about saying the wrong thing and just kind of “going with the flow” haha. A “flow” that comes straight from heaven.

To be honest, other than that one miracle there wasn’t much else exciting about the week. Just a bunch of meetings… But there was a baptism on Sunday! An 8 year old son of a recent convert and a formerly less active. Baptisms are always so refreshing. It always helps me remember: “oh yeah, this is why I’m doing all this work”. Plus President Henrie and his wife showed up, and Elder Green and I totally nailed our “missionary minute” of teaching the Restoration while we waited for the people to change. Easy brownie points.

Shout out to mom for the new shoes…I really needed them haha. #ecco #Seattle

El ser misionero es lo mejor en todo el mundo. Que tengan una semana feliz.

Con amor,

Elder Allen


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