Van Nuys Week 17

Friends and Fam,

Sorry short one this week because it’s transfers. And it’s going to be a loquisimo one. Pretty much everything that I used to know about this mission is going up in flames but not really but it kind of feels like it haha. I’m leaving the area! Kind of sad to leave the area but Elder Green will hold it down here for sure. Big news of the week: I’ll be training!! So stoked. I was released as a zone leader and will be moving to North Hollywood, which means that me and my trainee will be new Elders in the area. Looking forward to the opportunity!

Other changes around here… There will now be such a thing as “solo zone leaders” and “double district leaders”. Don’t ask me what that means because honestly I still have no idea and can’t put it together in my head. But one example: Elder Green actually hah. He will be the only zone leader in burbank zone and his companion will just be a “junior companion”. Weird, I know. But I know that President Henrie aka the la portavoz del Senor knows what he’s doing. I like to think of it just as a new, “innovative twist” on missionary work. We’ll see how it goes!

It was a reaaaally good last week here. We continued to find, and Luis and the familia Errazo are progressing suuuuuper well. They both came to church again! On Saturday we had the annual “San Fernando Stake Mini-Mission” in which all the YSA members go out with the missionaries for the day to take part of the “experience”. We had a sweet day: had a nice lil’ knockout sesh, taught the fam Errazo, and found a new investigator! I forgot my camera today so pics next week. Elder Green and I’s companion’s name was Hyrum, and he’s a beast. He gave the testimony we needed in some tough spots.

Chistoso moment of the week: We were teaching Luis while his dad was sleeping on the couch. We were talking about the importance of temples when out of nowhere the dad wakes up, interrupts the lesson and asks “creen ustedes en la reincarnacion?” (do you believe in reincarnation?). So we taught some doctrice about resurrection, etc etc. After we finished he asked…

“But have you heard about Abraham Lincoln?”.


“Do you know the name of the man that killed him?” 

Yes, John Wilkes Booth.

“No no, that’s not it… It was John Kennedy right?” (This is where things got nuts.)

At this point we gave up: “Sure…”

“Well 100 years later you know that John Kennedy was killed right? Do you know the name of the man that killed him?”

Uh oh, I think I know where this is going…


#ConspiracyAlert #ConspiracyAlert #ConspiracyAlert #ConspiracyAlert #ConspiracyAlert 

So yeah. Don’t trust everything you read on the Internet.

That’s just about all the time I have this week… Les quiero! 

Sigan echandole ganas en la lucha,

Elder Allen


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