N Hollywood 4to Week 2

Friends and Fam,

Surprise…again. Turns out I can email today haha. One of these days I’ll get it right. We just decided to come to the estaca and wait in a huge line of like 10 missionaries since all the libraries are closed. But I’m here! Kind of short this week since it was a short week mostly full of meetings.

I’ll start with the coolest miracle of the week. We’ve been teaching this lady named Isabel, she’s been taught by missionaries for almost 6 months and despite the fact that almost everyone in her family are members (she even has a son on a mission) she doesn’t want to be baptized. But that’s besides the point. The milagro was actually her husband. In the past he had told the Elders that he was baptized ~30 years ago, but as we talked with him about the Holy Ghost he revealed he was never confirmed! Plus we’re pretty sure the Church doesn’t have his records so he might have to get baptized again. The story is that when he was 8 he saw a long line of chicos walking towards the church so he decided to follow them. Turns out they were going to a baptismal service and he decided to do it also just because “everyone else was” (don’t give in to peer pressure kids). Well after he never went back to church aka he’s basically a non-member haha. But finding this out blew our minds. All the Elders in the past had counted the lessons with them as lessons with a member present so…there go all the key indicators the past 6 months. Oh well. We’ll be seeing them tonight and hopefully be setting a baptismal fecha with them!

Other than that nothing much to report haha. Just a bunch of planning and meetings honestly haha. But other big news was that Luis got baptized!! Remember, my investigator in Van Nuys? We got to attend his baptismal service because he asked me to do the talk haha. And it was the funniest thing ever because he wears a cast now after breaking his foot, so we had to bag it up and duct tape it so it wouldn’t get wet. The service was short and simple, but the Spirit was still super strong. I love that kid. He’s going to be an excellent missionary soon.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Elder Allen

1. Wrapping up Luis’ leg

2. Bautismoooooo


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