N Hollywood 4to Week 3

riends and Fam,

Sorry another short one this week… The kids around here got school off today again so somehow that translated in all the missionaries coming to the estaca to email. Some choice events of the week:

On Saturday there was a huge stake activity called “Dia de Hispanidad”. Like think of the biggest stake activity you’ve ever been to, then double the size and you’ve got Dia de Hispanidad. All of the wards are assigned Latino countries and then they make a “estand” with traditional food, ropa, etc. The cultural hall was loaded with people that came. Then there were some presentations of traditional dances from each pais. Some of them were borderline inappropriate for missionaries haha but asi es. Pics below.

We had a super buena week of finding. We found this one kid that reminds me of when we found Luis… Stay tuned. #2.0 Despite a slow start at the beginning due to a ton of bike probs it really picked up during the weekend. It taught me the importance of patience. Around Wednesday time I wasn’t feeling the whole working thing but we put our heads down and plowed through it. I’ve found that the best way to desire to work is to work haha. Interesting how it works out that way. Finding has been so successful lately it’s nearly impossible to schedule citas with our running investigators. Then the hard part is teaching them the second time haha…not sure we’ve had a return cita with anyone we’ve found yet…asi es.

Kodak moment of the week: Elder Nielsen ate his first chile piquin. Remember the one I ate with Elder Green? Yeah that one. He basically died haha. Me being the best trainer ever, I plucked one and handed it to him, told him to eat it, he died, realized what it was and started freaking out, then swallowed it and immediately started to choke a little. Good times. He survived, no worries. Wish I took pics…

Sorry that’s all I got this week. All of the investigators we have aren’t progressing…yet. Church is  the main problem as always. And it turns out the member that we though wasn’t actually a member is actually a member. But his name is different that what we originally thought haha. Milagritos.

Update on the cucarachas: we should be getting fumigated in a week! Thank you for the prayers.

Love you all!

Elder Allen

1. Dia de Hispanidad

2. Elder Nielsen and I’s differences in eating habits. Haha.


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