N Hollywood 4to week 4

Friends and Fam,


This was definitely one of those up and down weeks. To be honest a little more down than up haha but asi es la mision. But big news of the week: we finally set out first baptismal date together! His name is Alvin, a 15 year old from Guatemala. I’m not even kidding when I say he’s literally Luis 2.0. Our lessons with him have followed the exact same sequence as what happened with Luis. It’s blowing my mind. So he’s looking to have some really good prospects. The 25th of October is his date!


Other than that one bright spot, we had a ton of citas fall through and we had to drop several of our investigators. It was tough. But one thing I’ve been doing lately to help with that is studying the Book of Mormon from cover to cover with the focus of understanding the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His grace. The word “grace” itself isn’t found many times, but it’s been enlightening to me how the prophets used the phrase “by the power of God” or some other form of it. Those who truly recognize the reality of God understand that it is through His divine aid that all things are done. There are also several ways that aid is made manifest to us. One I’ve never before been able to wrap my mind around until now is through His Spirit. Take Jacob 7:8 for example.

“But behold, the Lord God poured in his Spirit into my soul, insomuch that I did confound him [Sherem, an apostate Nephite] in all his words”

Earlier it talks about how Sherem was “perfect” in his knowledge of the language, aka he was one devilish trickster. But Jacob, who “could not be shaken” (one of my favorite Book of Mormon phrases btw), was still able to overcome him with God’s help. As missionaries, is it not the Spirit that allows us to say things (especially in a second language) we didn’t now we knew how to say? Do things that we can’t do on our own? That is God’s grace working through us at it’s finest. It’s cool to think about it that way. And there’s an innumerous amount of other examples of this throughout the Book of Mormon. Definite study topic suggestion for this week.


I’m now convinced that God has a sense of humor. Yesterday we were looking to finish the week strong knocking a ton of doors and finding some new investigators. Well it turns out He had other plans for us. We went by some citas we had previously set up, no one is home. So we start knocking, and the first guy that opens immediately jumps into a 20 minute rant: “apostoles son mayores de profetas!!” or something like that. After he repeated himself for the third time I stopped paying attention haha. You know when you hear the phrase “te vuelvo a repetir” it’s gonna be one of those conversations. We tried our best to testify but he just wasn’t having it. He even straight up told us: “Tu predicacion es equivocada. Como pueden ayudar a alguien con cancer si no son medicos?”. Ohhhhhh, ok bro. Bye. We walked away obviously frustrated inside. After a long day of knocking and rejection, we had a nice lil cena with a member family and started to head home. That is until a guy shouted for us:

“Ustedes son misioneros? Yo tengo una pregunta!” (Are you missionaries? I have a question!)

“Si, como le podemos ayudar?” (Yes, how can we help you?)

“Que es mas mayor: un apostol o un profeta?” (What is greater: an apostle or prophet?)

………………You’ve gotta be kidding me. 20 more minutes later filled with vague explanations of the same Bible verses as before and “stiffneckedness” we wanted to bang out heads against the wall. Ah. I love the mission.


I think I mentioned this last week, but this transfer has been flying by. We only have 2 more weeks left before changes! And I just realized the other day that General Conference is in 2 weeks too. Woah. Mission life at its finest, with a complete lack of sense of time. And that’s a good thing. I’m learning more and more every day and enjoying this one step at a time. Elder Nielsen and I are looking to finish strong. That’s all I’ve got this week. Until next time. Have a great week!




Elder Allen


1. Discovery of the week: SODA SHAQ. It’s pretty dang good too.


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