N Hollywood 4to Week 5

Friends and Fam,


These weeks are just going by way too fast. Suddenly we’re already starting the last week of the transfer and I feel like I just got here yesterday. We had a solid week which ended with attending 2 baptismal services yesterday! Long story, but we’ll get there. This one might end up being a short one because we were robbed of some computer time due to a tow truck…another long story. But here goes.


Throughout the week it seemed that the main theme was this: if we had time to work, we worked. If we had time to find, we found. If we had time to serve, we served. But the problem was that there seemed to be a shortage of time this week… Consider the following. Tuesday after district meeting we were about to lock up the church when our Sister Training Leaders’ car stopped working. So we spent the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out what to do with it and eventually pushing it down to our apartment complex’s parking lot down the street. (Today was the day the tow truck came by…while we were in the library emailing) Then suddenly we had to teach our English class (Have I mentioned that we do those? Maybe not. Para que sepan: we teach English classes), then cena, then boom the day was over. Then flash forward to Sunday. Church in the morning, almuerzo, head over to a different church to fill up the font for a baptism at 3, attend that baptism to do a musical number, then head straight to a baptism at 6 because I was assigned to give the opening prayer for some reason haha. Then suddenly cena, a little bit of study time and boom the day was over. Follow that pattern for a couple other days and you have our week. But we still took advantage of all the time we could. Biggest investigator news is that Alvin is still Luis 2.0 and he basically just needs to come to church in order to be baptized…working on that.


Breaking news… The 6:00 baptism was for the familia Errazo, the milagro familia I found with Elder Green in Van Nuys! The mom and her son were the ones who were baptized. It was some good times to see all my miembro amigos over there. I can’t seem to escape Van Nuys… And that’s a good thing. The Spirit was strong in that service. We did a musical program (Come Thou Font/La Oracion del Profeta) with the Van Nuys/North Hollywood district for the “minute misional” and man I wish I recorded it because there were tears flying everywhere. Ah. Bautismoooos. Love that family.


This week I’m suuuuuuper stoked for General Conference. Like you have no idea. You should be too. In what other church can we hear the words of modern-day prophets? Ninguna. It makes me think. All this craziness going on with el papa visiting America and stuff yet the men that receive revelation directly from God actually live here. Go figure. Anyways haha.


In case you didn’t know this, I love my mission and I love this gospel. At the end of the transfer starting next week I’ll hit my year mark. Crazy to think that I still have a whole year left! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Time flies on the mission. Lots of interesting changes coming soon. Sounds like the concept of a “Spanish zone” will be eliminated. In the words of President Henrie: “No more segregation!” Looking forward to see how this all works out.


Que Dios le bendiga,


Elder Allen


1. Elder Nielsen & Reis’ “I’m so done with weekly planning” face.

2. Bautismooooo. The mom and her older son in the middle were th


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